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Premier Digital Forensics & Collections

From targeted collections to full forensic imaging and analysis, our methods are documented and defensible.

Digital forensics is increasingly a key component of the discovery process, especially as cases and trials revolve around digital data.

Whether your case involves a single custodian with a laptop and cell phone, or a large corporation with multiple data sources, our forensic team is prepared to create the defensible discovery your case needs.

Digital Forensics:

  • On-site or remote Data Collections and Forensically Sound Preservations
  • Encrypted hard drives
  • Cloud-based, collaboration app, and social media collections
  • O365/M365 collections
  • Digital Phone Forensics and Reporting (iPhone, Android, GPS, SIM & BlackBerry)
  • Chain of custody and documented acquisition workflow

Remote Collections:

Premier specializes in ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient processes for data collection. Through the utilization of our cutting-edge remote collection tools, our team is able to collect data from a range of sources, including, but not limited to cell phones, email accounts, and personal computing devices. The ability to collect remotely minimizes downtime and reduces disruption to day-to-day activities.

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