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Premier Data Processing / Hosting

Original content of electronically stored information, hosted in a secure environment.

Assess data early and efficiently and avoid over-collecting.

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Employing State of the Art eDiscovery Platforms and data connectors in the cloud, Premier Legal Technologies helps you identify, process, and reduce data prior to review so you can focus on what’s relevant to build your case. You gain a new approach to eDiscovery to improve litigation and investigation outcomes.

We can uncover hidden information, extract extensive metadata from different file sources, and filter out redundant data. The data is uploaded to the cloud and is then made completely searchable and reviewable.

  • Find relevant data and reduce document volume earlier in the process
  • Search, review, and analyze data in-place
  • Benefit from Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)
  • Process large volumes of data
  • Search tags and metadata
  • Employ duplicate and near-duplicate detection
  • Tag documents for production
  • Lock down and monitor high-value data, protect sensitive information, and stay compliant with document-retention requirements